Sri Hanumad Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust (Reg-135/2020)

The capital of historical, mythological, cultural, civilization and spiritual elegant kingdoms known for its divinity and versatility and rich heritage is an epicenter of divinity that goes by the celebrated name as “Pampa Kshetra” and was blessed by the Divine Presence of Sri Pampa Viroopaksha. This place has also been consecrated by the Saptarshis, the seven divine sages, sanctified by the epitome of the truth, Satya Harishchandra, blessed by none other than Sri Ramachandra during TretaYuga where he established this as the Kingdom of Truth and Dharma and hence lauded as the Land of Righteousness. This spiritual place also encompasses devotional peaks like Hemakoota, Anjanadri, Rushyamooka, Mathanga, Gandhamadhana, which have been the birth places for many historic spiritual stalwarts like Sri Jambavantha, Angada, Sugreeva, Hanuma, etc and was called upon by the name “Kishkinda Samrajya (Kingdom)”. This is also the righteous land where the celebrated heros Pandavas were sanctified, the celebrated land and Knowledge venerated where the learned sages of kaliyuga like Sri Vedavyasa and Sri Vidyaranya taught and elevated this as a spiritual capital and was the cultural capital of the illustrious SriKrishnaDevaraya.

Unfortunately, this place had to bear the brunt of the rules of time and kaliyuga and has lost its glory for quite sometime. Due to the divine intervention, motivation and spur to reinvigorate and bolster the 30 crore year history and pompness back to this kshetra, We have been working to bring back the spiritual greatness by constructing the spiritual and devotional empire capital. This place would augment and sustain the spiritual aspirations of this time,as has been always in the past 30 crore years of the history as PampaKshetra, a history dated back to 15 lakh years as kishkindha empire, 600 yrs ago as the cultural and educational capital of the great Vijayanagara empire and hence is being revitalized under the great guidance of Sri Sri Govindananda Saraswathi Swamiji with the divine blessings of Jagadguru and the Almighty. This effort started 5 years ago under His divine guidance to reinstate the pomp and glory of the birth place of the Future Brahma Sri Hanuma, who has been blessed as an immortal by Sri Ramachandra Murthy, who walked all the way to meet Sri Hanuma at this place, which already enhoused the greates heros of the time, Sugreeva, Vali, Angada, Jambavantha, Shabari, etc.. With the Divine inspiration, works are underway to install a 215 Mtr Hanuma Statue “Statue of Devotion at this very place of His birth on the celestial banks of Tungabhadra and Pampa Sarovar by Sri Hanumad Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust (Reg-135/2020)