Pampa Puranam

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Chapter -1,2 Soota Shaunakadi Questionnaire Narrative,

1) Who was the first to come to the darshan of Pampakshetra
A: Saptarshishs.
2) Where did the Saptarshis come from?
A: From the Naismisharanya.
3) What did Shaunakadi sages ask Sutta?
A: Asked to explain the glory of Lord Sri Virupaksha and Pampakshastra, which is the most powerful holy place .
5) Where do the Saptaris still live forever?
A: In Sri Pampavirupaksha Rushyamuka parvata 6) What are the other questions that Shaunakadi sages ask the Sutras?
A: Why did the Saptaris come as pilgrims?
B) Where did you stay in the five-fold Pampaska field?
C) What kind of Tirthas are they Saw?

Sapta Rushinanam Darshanam,
Chapter 4,
Brahmadinam Kailasa Atram,
Pampadevyi Ishwarane Varapradanam
Pampaya Gandharvaya Shapapradanam,
Sri Pampa Virupakshaksarayorvihavam,
Guru Mitroopakhyanam, The Proposal of Tasya Virupakshadra,